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2016/2017 Directory of Tissue Paper & Disposable Products [China]


  Tissue Paper & Dispossable Products
  Directory of Tissue Paper & Disposable Products (China)

  The solely authorized magazine in China
—Tissue Paper & Disposable Products

Tissue Paper & Disposable Products is a monthly magazine (in Chinese version) published on the 10th of every month, by China National Household Paper Industry Association (CNHPIA). It is the solely specialized scientific magazine in the tissue paper and disposable hygiene products industry, with good circulation in China and abroad.

Aim of the magazine

To promote the development of technology in the tissue paper/disposable hygiene products industry and related industries; to publicize the industry policy and offer services for enterprises; to report the latest events in the industry home and abroad as well as the marketing information.

Main Columns

    • Affairs of the Association
    • Events in the Industry
    • Forum on the Development
    • Market and Marketing
    • Quality and Management
    • Technique and Equipment
    • Articles from Overseas
    • Consumption and Fashion
    • Global News

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    cover of magazin

      Affairs of the Association
       Show guide of CIDPEX2017

      Events in the Industry
       Year in review: top news in Chinese tissue paper industry in 2016
       Year in review: top news in Chinese disposable hygiene products industry in 2016
       It is urgent to transform and upgrade for tissue paper industry in Guangxi—CNHPIA investigates the bagasse pulp and tissue producers in Guangxi
       Rapid development of unbleached tissue products
       Vinda International achieved 3.817 billion HK Dollars gross profit in 2016
       Vinda Paper (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. adds two Toscotec tissue machines
       The phaseⅡof Hengan (Chongqing)’s tissue project with 120,000 tpy puts into production in March
       C&S starts a new high-end tissue project with 200,000 tpy
       Sichuan Vanov started up its new Baotuo tissue machine
       Baosuo signed a strategic cooperation agreement of tissue production lines and felt with Vanov
       Sichuan Fengsheng Paper started up its third tissue machine
       Hebei Jifa Paper started up its Shanghai Qingliang new crescent tissue machine successfully
       Guangxi Sky Power started up its Dazheng Machinery 3500/1200 new crescent tissue machine successfully
       A.Celli news
      Guangdong Shaoneng Group ordered a tissue machine from A.Celli
      A.Celli supplied four tissue rewinders to Taison Group
       Taison Group adds four Voith tissue machines
       Gangxing Paper signed the contract of two tissue machines with Kawanoe Zoki
       Shantou Piaohe Paper signed the contract of second tissue machine with Baotuo
       Toscotec steel yankee dryer SYD-22ft: the biggest ever done is on its way
       Four Valmet supplied tissue production lines started up at Lee & Man Paper
       Hengan’s New Breath brand is launched
       P&G and Suning held the “2017 Annual Business Plan Signing Ceremony” to upgrade their all-round cooperation
       Daio held talks with Suning concerning their cooperation in 2017
       Zhejiang Hygiene Products Chamber of Commerce held the third preparatory meeting
       Imports and exports of tissue and hygiene products in 2016—tissue paper export volume decreased, the growth rates of baby diapers and sanitary napkins import volumes declined sharply
       Short news

      Forum on the Development
       Large youth population, high birth rates drive growth in South African diapers market

      Market and Marketing
       Observe the market through prices—the retail price list of tissue & disposable hygiene products in Guangzhou
       Cross-border e-commerce storm in 2016
       Why FMCG giants are declining?

      Quality and Management
       National and regional quality spot check results of tissue and hygiene products in the second half of 2016

      Technique and Equipment
       Special topic: latest technical development of Chinese and Japanese hygiene products raw materials
      ☆Status and trends of Chinese diapers core structures
      ☆Application and innovation of hot air nonwovens on top sheets of hygiene products
      ☆Beautiful’s high elastic nonwoven
      ☆Trends of nonwovens used in absorbent hygiene products
      ☆Features and trends of SAP used in diapers

      Articles from Overseas
       Brexit’s impacts on the nonwovens industry
       Ukrainian tissue market affected by complex political conditions

      Consumption and Fashion
       New wipes uncovered
       Tampax tampons are launched in China again

      Global News
       Price Hanna released new report on spunbonded and spunmelt nonwovens industry
       SCA will increase adult incontinent products production in the U.S.
       German nonwovens producer Norafin considers opening up its first plant in the U.S.
       Bondex invested to add spunlace nonwovens production lines
       Berry acquired AEP Industries
       Rockline sets a record for safe work hours again
       Domtar purchased the privately-held HDIS, a provider of adult incontinent products
       SCA will exit Mexican diapers market
       Toscotec rebuilt tissue machine started up at Lucart’s mill in France
       Huggies baby wet wipes have been awarded by CANSTAR Blue, a customer satisfaction research firm